Thursday, June 5, 2008

Welcome to Progressive Deism

Welcome to Progressive Deism,

The goal of this blog is to discuss and promote the modern and progressive view of Deism in which the concept of Deism is undergoing evolution due to the constant changes in knowledge that are happening daily around us.

This blog will be focused on my opinions and beliefs regarding Deism rather than just a general overview that exists on many websites.
Please enjoy as the comment field is open to all but please utilize reason and respect as I plan to do and show the world what Deists are truly made of.




The Progressive Deist said...

Test Comment.

tbrann said...

My spiritual beliefs are something I've been trying to work out for some time. I began to call the belief system I came up with "Progressive Deism." Then I googled the phrase and this is what came up. My beliefs are that revealed religion, its scriptures and doctrines, may all have some value but they must be viewed with discernment. Also that the Progress of Mankind is part of God's plan, and we must promote advancement in human knowledge, scientific exploration, and compassion. And that ultimately mankind will take an active role in our future fate, as opposed to revealed religion's belief that we will be merely passive recipients of an external Deity's will.