Friday, June 6, 2008

My Christian Wife

Here is a post that is non-educational and expresses some of my views and opinions.

I truly love my Christian wife (I know that it sound corny but please continue). She means the world to me and I love spending every minute I can with her. Obviously, we have our theological differences but spending time in discussion we have found we have more similiarities than differences (which I believe is true for most). We focus on the similiarities and that is how we have been able to make it past the problems of interfaith marriage that can befall many.

We compromise when needed and work towards a solution that is beneficial for both of us and our children. Love is incredibly powerful and can get passed most problems that arise but only when it is the primary focus of a relationship. My wife and I have this and I have been blessed by it. I do believe in the concept of innate potential (as compared to original sin) and the love that my wife and I share is an aspect of this potential. I can't imagine life without her and look forward to being with her for the rest of this life and the next (whatever that may be).

In fact, my biggest defender regarding being a Deist is my wife. She takes it personally if someone comes after me because I am a Deist. She and I both believe that the person should not be judged by beliefs but by actions.

These reasons are why I do not share some of the Anti-Christian views that my counterparts within Deism do. I have known many people who are Christians and both good and bad exist within it. Conversely, I have met many freethinkers and both good and bad existed there to.

The most important thing to me is not what a person believes theologically but how they treat others. Simply, they need to treat others based on reason which includes kindness and respect. This does not mean that we cannot enter into debate and have disagreements but we must not fall into the trap of disrespect as this is not becoming of humans or Deists.


One Deist said...

Terrific post - not corny at all. I share a very similar life with my wife. Love, tolerance, and empathy are a powerful combination.

Keep up the good work.

One Deist Φ

The Progressive Deist said...

Thanks One.

I tried to not make it corny and I am glad that I was able to accomplish that. However, the earlier versions were full of corn.

I agree with you that love, tolerance and empathy are vitally important for a good marriage.