Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is Just Wrong

First you must read this:,2933,368863,00.html

I fully admit that I am not a Biblical scholar but I do seem to remember reading that Jesus told his followers that change in the world would not come directly from God but from humanity getting up and doing something to change things.

This would include science and medicine.

However, here you have a group that believes that all one must do is pray and God will deliver if he so desires. This is not only bad theology it is just plain stupid. We had the ability to save the lives of these kids with our current knowledge yet it was refused because these people believe that prayer is all one needs.

Now, as a Deist I don't believe in intercessory prayer but I see nothing wrong with praying to give one strength and I understand when people do this type of thing even though I may not. However, the idea that all one needs to do is pray and then God will provide if he so decides while you wait around for the results is completely foreign to me and obviously dangerous.

Ben Franklin stated one time that "God helps those that help themselves" and I believe this to be true. I believe that God has given mankind all we need to make the world a better place (call it the kingdom of God if you so desire) and it is up to us to bring about these changes. This does not throw out prayer but it states that after the prayer one must turn to the knowledge and abilities that we have gained over the past years to then make and implement those changes.

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